Take the stance of the Warrior, in your life!

This is a good pose to do to remind yourself that you are the hero in your one life!

So now let’s stand up and charge your left foot back, Lunging deep into the right knee. Reach both arms up, Warrior 1, looking up! You take the stance of the warrior, bringing that warrior energy up from inside, that energy of vitality, that energy of Viger!

Now expand that warrior energy out into warrior 2, reaching your right arm forward left arm back! Spreading that warrior energy through your body! Shooting it out your fingertips! Great job!

Let’s step the feet back together, it’s time for the other side, charging your right leg back!

Lounging into your left knee, reach both arms up! You are the warrior! You can overcome any obstacle!

Expand that warrior energy out! Warrior 2, reaching your left arm forward and your right arm back.

Now stand with your feet hip width apart, close your eyes and bring your hands into your heart, take a deep breath in and exhale that were your energy through you and around you!

That’s it for your daily bliss

Whether it’s online or at the studio will see you in Class!